Universal machine for cooking, mixing, cutting, emulsifying , vacuumising...

For production of delicatessen, cheese and sweets products as mayonnaise, marinades, dips, ketchups, pestos, tapenades, sauces, pasta sauces, baby food, soups, pastries, dough, masses for bars, marzipan and pralines, processed cheese, cheese sauces and meat products.

The machine heatens the product in the process bowl through double jacket or - very product-gentle - through steam injection. The cooling is done through the double jacket. The product can be cut and emusified by a four-winged blade. Mixing is done by the agitating and deflector arm.  Working under vacuum is possible as well as under pressure.  

Process steps

• Mixing

• Emuslifying

• Dispersing
• Cutting

• Vacuumising
• direct steam injection 
• indirect heating/cooling 
• aeration and outgasing


• All-in-one- batch-process

• production with few oxidation without air inclusion

• no cooking losses

• no scorching

• o product damage

• no product leftovers

• absolutely self-cleaning



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