CookMix with bowl volume 1300 l

Capacity depending on product and process app.  3300 l/h
Bowl volume app. 1300l
Batch size up to 1000 l
Process components (modular configuration)  
Emulsifier 300-3000 rpm for cutting and emulsifying in circulation procedure
Deflector For mixing, circulating and against scorching at the cladding
Vacuum unit For carrying out working processes under vacuum. Vacuum reduces the boiling point of water and avoids air inclusions and oxidation.
Water dosage For adding recipe water and cleaning of the machine
Double jacket water & steam The double jacket is cooled by water and heatened by steam. For indirect heating and cooling.
Dampfinjektion Direct heating through steam nozzles. For a very fast and product-gentle achievement of the requested temperature.
Dosage connection Adding of components while processing without opening the cover.
Discharge valve Discharging of the bowl without opening the cover, p.e. into a charging trolley or through a product conduction for further processing.
Lifting and tilting device For charging the bowl from standard trolleys. With chute.
Further options For a list with all process components please get in contact with us.  
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